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Coaches Dashboard & Platform

Most high schools and colleges perform internal testing and record their results on paper. With the MCP platform these results can all be tracked and uploaded to our mobile app to help student athletes be seen by everyone. We recommend testing athletes twice a year starting with incoming freshman. 

  • Used by college recruiters to sort through data
  • Used to send push notification to athletes
  • Used to generate local and national ad revenue
  • Used to search rankings by position (great for college coaches)

Multiple Sports Platform

The MCP platform is designed to display multiple sports COMBINE events. Although football remains as the most searched for combines, other sports are rapidly growing and will soon be a commonly watched. Others are:

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Lacrosse

Display Your Combine

Once results are loaded into the system, showcase your combine along side the most notable combines in the world. The one thing we know at MCP, it takes a village to get your student athlete to the next level.  

  • Downloading the My Combine Profile App is FREE
  • Run your camps and combines like the PRO's
  • Throw away those excel spreadsheets

Multiple Activities Per Combine

We no longer need to guess who's the fastest, the strongest. If the activity has a time, score, or distance, the MCP platform can handle it all. :

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Lacrosse

Display Results Of Each Activity

(While Displaying Ads)

Each activity is displayed with ranking for each athlete. The MCP platform signifies if times are hand timed or laser timed. Only administration level access can enter times and or results. Each activity has 8 opportunities of advertisements. 

  • Historical tracking
  • Local and national ad opportunities for each activity
  • Ad offers set right to email address on file (user)
  • Schools have total control of all ads (pricing and vendor)

Each  Athlete Has A Unique Profile


Each time a student athlete is entered into the system, it creates a profile of history. Coaches can press the blue button on the athletes profile to receive updates as they occur (real-time updates). Athletes can share all update to their social media channels. 

  • Athlete profiles consist of: Name, hometown, school, measurements
  • Combine times and results
  • Rankings to other users in the platform
  • Printable history sheet

Professional Grade Supplements


My Combine Profile has partnered with Combine Performance Supplements to offer the highest quality of professional grade natural vitamins. The ability to purchase directly from the app allows for drop shipping right to your home.  

  • A 5% of all purchases is donated to the school of the users profile.
  • A grade of supplements not normally affordable to students.
  • Easy drop shipping directly to purchaser




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